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Clinical Manager

Human Xtensions is a rapidly growing startup, developing breakthrough technology in the field of robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). We’re looking for a Top Clinical expert in the field of laparoscopy a throughout Clinical Manager to join our Sales and Marketing team that is reshaping MIS in the world.

Job description

Responsible for Clinical Trials, Clinical strategy needs to be the Clinical expert in Laparoscopy, publishing Clinical papers In-depth knowledge of clinical trends and direction of the field of MIS, clinical interaction with world renowned surgeons


  • Responsible for the clinical strategy according to the company’s goals
  • Being the authority on laparoscopic surgery and MIS
  • Responsible for Clinical paper Publications
  • Maintain communication with world renowned surgeons
  • Maintain In-depth Knowledge of Clinical Trends in MIS
  • Continuously Study and understand the Clinical direction of MIS
  • In-depth understanding of Surgeons clinical need in al laparoscopic surgery’s
  • Managing clinical trials
  • Write Clinical protocols with unique clinical endpoints
  • Responsible for Animal lab protocols
  • Maintain communication with the customers, and the R&D team
  • expose the clinical voice of customer to the marketing team & R&D Team
  • In depth understanding of Field of laparoscopic surgery worldwide, clinical specialties, full range of surgeries, % of open, laparoscopic surgery and robotic etc.
  • Understanding the competitive land scape and clinical advantages and or disadvantages
  • Work with the CMO to assist his clinical presentation/ papers
  • Be present during surgeries

Experience Required:

  • A Clinical Specialist in laparoscopic surgery
  • Previous experience as a Clinical manager, Global or international
  • In-depth OR experience
  • Managing clinical trials and writing the protocols (FDA /CE etc.)


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