The trailblazing forerunner in an ecosystem of game-changing handtop solutions, merging man
and machine in advanced 4DOF-controlled MIS.

HandX opens up the next frontier in surgery, as the first FDA-cleared, light-weight, handheld surgical solution that combines the intuitive dexterity of robotic surgery with the benefits of modular handheld devices. HandX gives surgeons the freedom of natural maneuverability and precision access, at their patient’s bedside.

To restore ease and precision even in the most complex procedures, HandX streamlines the surgeon’s intuitive hand motions into accurate movements inside the patient’s anatomy. It simply extends the human hand into the targeted areas, while standing naturally with unlimited ease and mobility.

Smart operating system

HandX electromechanically-controlled laparoscopic device passes through 5mm trocars, facilitating complex MIS maneuvers and allowing access to technically challenging areas. This handheld compact device can interface with both rigid and flexible instruments, while supporting 4 DOF laparoscopic tools that enable a broad range of efficient articulation solutions.

Simplified control

HandX 4 DOF control scales the surgeon’s natural motions and forces. Flexion, extension, radial and ulnar deviation of the wrist is all a surgeon needs, while the articulation of the device allows for a clean sweep through tissue at various angles. The finger unit tilts and pans, designed to adjust jaw rotation range without changing the articulation. HandX multiple modular benefits, ease-of-use, and instinctive control simplify procedures to give surgeons optimized success.

Optimal fit

HandX easily adjusts to fit the snug grip of any surgeon’s hand. It ensures ergonomic comfort, while offering robust digital capacity to keep flexibility at hand.


Smart and simplified, HandX combines the capacity of robotics with the benefits of intuitive handheld innovation. Suitable for any surgical environment, HandX minimizes setup time and costs with its simplified-yet-robust delivery, ensuring surgeons have the flexibility they need at hand.

All procedures, any tool

HandX opens up new opportunities for converting open surgery into MIS, with its generic control unit and flexibility for supporting a broad range of laparoscopic tools. Designed to match and empower surgical teams of any skill level in any OR, HandX simplifies surgery, expedites patient recovery, and dramatically improves outcomes.

Technical Spec

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