Future Technology

Imagine anatomic access at your fingertips, and at your patient’s bedside. Human Xtensions’ pioneering modular devices are making headway towards trailblazing the next frontier in surgery. Our handheld surgical systems are intended to bridge top-class innovation with best practices to empower surgeon freedom, flexibility, proximity, and control.


Put your mind back on the patient, and your patient back in your hands.


Relay your minutest maneuvers on the outside, into precision procedures far inside the patient’s body.


Our prospect innovation balances between man and machine, to let surgeons make the most of any procedure, easier and cheaper.


We believe in technology that extends the surgeon's capacity and has more of that human touch inside.


Handtop surgery lets you reach into the anatomy, to regain your feel and touch while working naturally right by your patient’s side, or away. Light, it is intuitively handled or controlled remotely, enabling you control of the entire procedure. Surgeon-sensitive, you feel as if your hands are in direct contact and your arms are fully free, tending to places that are only accessible with artefficient platforms.

Caring for both patient and surgeon, Human Xtensions technology will integrate mechanics, software, and wireless that will fit advanced surgical approaches, which will allow insertion points and positioning to be selected more freely and less contingent with the procedure plan. It is your highway for surgical excellence, where you can operate instinctively.


Human Xtensions forthcoming solutions are designed to be smart and agile. Set up is seamless, articulation is simple, and dexterous. The modular design supports diverse surgical ware, shafts, and effectors, quickly tailored to match any level of skill and task, enabling you and your team to operate with the ease even in the most complex procedures.

The genius is in our innovative integration of the required components, delivering the robust capacity of robotics with the advanced flexibility of bedside laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures. Easily mastered, and suitable for numerous procedures, digital handtop is that one simplified system surgeons always wanted for getting in there and doing the job right.


Compact yet robust, our handtop surgery system fire-up on a click of a button and is ready for use within seconds. Simple yet powerful, surgeons get dexterity at their fingertips with our innovative interface that enables natural hand movement, both at the operating table and remotely.

This smart platform is easily mastered by any surgical team, applicable in various procedures, and expends conversion of traditional open surgery into MIS. It is readily stored after use, with no equipment footprint or cumbersome tech support. Hospitals may benefit from a highly innovative modular solution that is affordable, offers the possibility of allowing more procedures to be performed, with possible better outcome and shorter hospitalization time. Human Xtensions modular solutions bring the excitement back into the art of surgery.


Artefficient surgery is spearheading medtech innovation, by throwing the window wide open for big data. Our technology plays a dual role in collecting and connecting all the data, for unlocking both real-time surgical improvement in the OR, and ongoing quality training of entire surgical teams. Maintenance status is signaled through an interactive notification system, and data is securely shared swiftly across multiple platforms, even with professionals hundreds of miles away.

Human Xtensions is at the helm of innovative-data driven solutions where big data doesn’t replaces the surgeon’s scalpel but assists to improve it.