Human Xtensions receives FDA clearance for its HandX, the first in a line of smart digital handtop solutions

Netanya, ISRAEL, Mar. 20, 2018 — Human Xtensions, a rapidly growing startup company that develops handheld digital solutions for minimally invasive surgery (MIS), announces today that they received FDA 510 (k) clearance for HandX™.

The smart, electromechanically-simplified surgical systems by Human Xtensions integrate all the components required for a modular platform, of which HandX is the first to be launched and be FDA cleared. HandX is designed as a light-weight, hand-held device that translates the surgeon’s natural hand motions into complex movements inside the patient.

During MIS, Human Xtensions smart 5mm surgical devices pass through trocars, facilitating complex maneuvers and allowing easier access to technically challenging areas in the abdomen or chest. This opens new opportunities for converting to medicines using generic viagra open surgery into MIS, which expedites patient recovery and drastically improves outcomes. Moreover, the HandX can be customized to suit any skill level, and offers hospitals of all sizes an affordable cost-effective alternative to the heavyweight robotic systems that are operated remotely.

Dr. Tami Frenkel, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Human Xtensions: “We believe in technology that gives virtuosic capacity to surgeons. The HandX demonstrates Human Xtensions’ commitment to driving the art of surgery towards new frontiers. We are proud to develop solutions that open a new era in surgery, and to serve as a cutting-edge technology company that offers smart multifunctional handheld platforms, suited for a wide range of MIS procedures. By creating a technology that is transparent and personalized to each surgeon, surgical teams can now re-focus on their patients and on the procedure at hand. Human Xtensions strives to give surgeons the advanced ecosystem they need for taking a big leap forward, into artefficient surgery.”



Human Xtensions is a medical device company, focusing on reinventing minimal invasive surgery (MIS) with disruptive handtop technology. Founded in 2012 with the vision of making MIS a smart art, Human Xtensions is headquartered in Israel and led by a multidisciplinary team of professionals that bring the best of all worlds, from medicine to technology, and from ergonomics to design. Human Xtensions catalyzes an entirely new medical reality called Artefficient Surgery, with personalized digital platforms that combine the power of surgical robotics with the ease and affordability of hand-held solutions.

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